D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

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Institute of Post - University training and new educational technologies

In 2000 the Institute of Post-University Training and New Educational Technologies was set up at the university as a response to a need for a paradigm shift from "education for life" to a totally new one -"education through life". In 2015 it was reorganized into the Institute of Professional Dvelopment and New Educational Technologies. 

The Institute activities systematically provide the university staff, industrial specialists with continuing education, renewed knowledge, constant adapting to changes in technological and socio-economic spheres.


The Institute is headed by: 

Krauze Nina Vasilyevna - acting Director

Turganbaeva Dina Mukhtarovna - acting Deputy Director.

Contact information: tel. +7(7232) 540-028,e-mail:Gabdullina17@mail.ru

Main areas of activity are as follows:

  • Retraining of production employees;
  • Professional development of university staff;
  • Training students in minor educational Program "Translator for Professional Communication".

One of the key projects of the Strategic Development Program for 2015-2018 is "Formation of a Pool of Highly
Skilled Human Resources. The staff development on innovative technologies of educational process organization".

It includes the following:

  • Advanced training in the professional sphere at the leading enterprises, national and foreign scientific-research establishments in theoretical and practical training, language retraining, teaching new educational technologies.
  • Teaching and certifying university staff in language competency. Increasing the number of internationally certified personnel( TOEFL, IELTS certificates and others).
  • IT competence development of management, university staff and personnel; 
  • Teaching management organization (strategic, project and staff) for office and management personnel, deans and heads of the subdepartments.