At D Serikbayev EKSTU discussed the article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev "Looking to the future: the modernization of public consciousness" with the participation of the University faculty. Opening remarks the meeting was opened by Vice rector on science and international cooperationOleg Dmitrievich Gavrilenko.

Presentations were made by Co-rector for Academic Work Nikolai Linok and the Director of the Department – Vice-rector for Educational work Zhaksygeldy Dusupkhanovich Nazbiev.

We strive to be among the most developed countries, - Nikolay Linok noted. – Each of us needs to contribute. We need to reconsider all their weaknesses. We must look for ways and mechanisms that we will bring to a qualitatively new level of development and modernization of the educational process. It is the creation of new departments, development of polylingual education with participation of specialists of a new format with knowledge of foreign languages etc.

Zhaksygeldy Nazbiev proposed a number of principles concerning the preservation of national identity through the development of national culture, traditions, language, music and literature, to contribute to the curriculum.

The University supported all the proposed priorities of modernization of the Kazakhstan society of Head of the state. A number of constructive proposals were received from faculty members who were approved and accepted.

Press service of D. Serikbaev EKSTU