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Information resources of library

Database "Paragraph" The Base contains texts of normative documents, commentaries of legislations made by famous lawyers- scientists and specialists, the court decisions, court experience surveys, international documents, law projects and other references.

Access: Library and information center(G-1-135), Department of normative-technical and patent documents library (G-1-222).


SANA-2001 softwareis intended for estimation of the following: activity-dependent estimates (in base and current prices subject to market value), bill of resources, schedules of machinery components operation; facility-dependent estimates; construction estimate and summary cost estimate; certificate of completion, materials write-off sheets, closing statements, punch list, statements (Form 3), and Kazakhstan resources bills.

Access: Department of normative-technical and patent documents library (G-1-222).


DB "Patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan" contains the description of the patents registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 1993-2012.

Access: Department of normative-technical and patent documents library (G-1-222).


IS DEREK-INFOMAX is a leading-edge software package that allows users to work with a database of applicable legal regulatory instruments and standard technical documents and ensures full compliance of design documents issued with standards and regulations. IS DEREK-INFOMAX is designed for a wide range of users: engineers, architects, estimator-engineers, production engineers, IT professionals, business executives, government officials and other concerned persons addressing design and construction, building materials production and facilities operation in various industries. IS DEREK-INFO is a search engine next generation with a sophisticated user interface, convenient search and filtering system, which allows meeting any challenges inherent in the use of standard technical documents.

Access: Department of normative-technical and patent documents library (G-1-222).


ZERDE-INFO Data retrieval system - the multi-branch electronic database of regulatory documents that govern activities in construction, oil & gas, energy complexes, telecoms and transport facilities, sanitary & epidemiological, fire, industrial and environmental safety, standardisation and certification of products and in other fields within the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today ZERDE-INFO contains more than 40,000 bibliographic entries, 20,000 full texts of documents representing a requisite and full text e-version authentic to texts of official documents with search, view and retrieve application self-contained on the DVD-R. Together with its partner "SNIP Register Inc." (Chicago, USA) KAZGOR DA continuously monitor and update regulatory documents and keep our ZERDE-INFO subscribers aware on any amendments (the database is updated once in 6 months subscription period).

Access: Department of normative-technical and patent documents library (G-1-222).