Dáýlet Serikbaev atyndaǵy Shyǵys Qazaqstan memlekettik tehnıkalyq ýnıversıteti

Кадрлар дайындығы

Д.Серікбаев атындағы ШҚМТУ білім беру қызметін мемлекеттік және орыс тілдерінде күндізгі, сырттай оқу түрлері бойынша (соның ішінде қашықтықтан оқу технологиясын қолданып) төмендегі білім беру бағдарламалары шегінде жүргізеді:

  • жоғары кәсіптік білім беру бағдарламасы – бакалавриат (39 мамандық);
  • жоғары оқу орнынан кейінгі білім беру бағдарламасы – магистратура (35 мамандық);
  • жоғары оқу орнынан кейінгі білім беру бағдарламасы – докторантура(PhD докторантураның 7 мамандығы).

The Institute of post graduate study and new educational technologies conducts courses to improve staff qualification and retraining of staff with higher education and employees of industrial sphere on more than 90 programs; it also offers training course with obtaining of qualification "Translator in the sphere of professional communication".

The university uses credit system of education. The special attention is paid to the content of syllabuses and discipline programs. Discipline catalogue takes into account the innovation policy of the university and the region; it contains such disciplines considering the development of market relations in the Republic, as innovation activity, scientific research fundamentals, patent work, fundamentals of business, fundamentals of standardization, modern technologies, etc. Modern information technology based expert system aimed at defining education trajectory and choice of disciplines is developed.

Developing innovation education, the University delivers purposeful work focused on integration of education, science, and production. Sub-departments have their branches on the largest enterprises of the city and region, such as at "Ulba" JSC, "Kazzink" Ltd, "Vostokmashzavod" JSC, "VNIITsvetMet", "BipekAuto" JSC, and others, as well as in "Altai" technological park, which concentrates modern technologies and equipment. Close cooperation with these and others enterprises of the region allow providing of all types of student practical training according to University developed conception of the student continuous practical training, curriculums and programs of practical training.

Significant number of students receives necessary labor professions together with practical trainings period, which allow ensuring training of highly qualified specialists with special practical skills and competences. Sub-departments provide labor profession courses within curriculum or additional kinds of trainings.

On April 1st, 2013 the amount of students at the University is 3895, including 3180 full-time students and 715 part-time students. There are 2151 students studying on the State Grants. The amount of master students is 430, PhD students is 33.