Scientific-research laboratory NADOSK ("Reliability and Durability of Building Structures”) was founded in May, 1990. Professor, candidate of technical sciences, associate member of Academy of Science of Graduate School of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kussyabgaliyev S.G., was appointed as a scientific administrator.

Location and supervisory sub-department

Laboratory is located in the main building of EKSTU in Rooms G-2-307a, G-2-316. Аddress: 070010, East Kazakhstan Oblast, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 19 Serikbayev Street, 19, Room G-2-307а, laboratory “NADOSK”. Contact phone number: 540-505 (fax).

Since 1996 the laboratory is headed by candidate of technical sciences, professor of EKSTU Khapin A.V.

i1Khapin Alexander Vladimirovich graduated from Kuibyshev Civil Engineering Institute in 1973 г, graduate school of Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute in 1980. candidate of technical sciences, professor of D. Serikbayev EKSTU, high achiever in the sphere of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has been dealing with problems of inspection, reinforcement and reconstruction of buildings and structures since 1975, including East Kazakhstan since 1981. He published more than 50 scientific works concerning the issues of building constructions inspection. He controlled development of resolutions and projects of reinforcement of structural units of buildings and constructions of "Kazzinc" JSC, VostokMashzavod, Zyryanovsk and Zhezkent ore-dressing and processing enterprises, Ridder repair and engineering plant, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Bukhtarma, Shulba hydro-electric power stations, Ust-Kamenogorsk Titan-Magnesium Plant, Irtysh copper plant and other enterprises. He participated in causes determination of building structures collapse as an expert.Contact phone number: 8-333-222-81-70.

i2Makhiyev Bekbolat Yespulovich, head of the laboratory team, graduated from East Kazakhstan Technical University in 1996, from graduate school of EKSTU in 2001. Candidate of technical sciences, senior teacher of “Construction and Maintenance of Buildings and Structures” sub-department. He has been participating in the inspection of structural units of buildings and structures since 1993. He is responsible for organizational and methodological management of laboratory works at industrial enterprises, well-timed and qualitative execution of technical documentation.

i3Gubarev Vladimir Viktorovich, head of laboratory team, graduated Ust-Kamenogorsk Highway and Civil Engineering Institute in 1975. Senior teacher of Construction and Maintenance of Buildings and Structures” sub-department. He has been participating in the work of inspection, calculation and engineering design of reconstruction and reinforcement of buildings and structures since 1976. He is a leading specialist in the sphere of computer technologies implementation into the process of engineering design and calculation of building constructions. Under his supervision strength and stability analyses of buildings and constructions of nonferrous enterprises of East Kazakhstan in operation were done. Contact phone number: 8-333-220-27-80.

i4Kenetbayev Bolat Sabitkanovich, a leading engineer of NADOSK laboratory, gradated from EKSTU in 2000. He has been working in the laboratory since 2002. He deals with development of methods of building constructions reinforcement, preparation of drawing designs, determination of material and labor costs. He is working on candidate’s dissertation in the sphere of new types of building constructions.

Main directions of Activity

NADOSK laboratory executes complex of scientific-research and research and development works connected with assessment of technical condition of buildings and constructions with the aim of elaboration of measures for providing their accident free maintenance and lengthening their durability. The main directions of activity are the following:

  • Inspection, Assessment of technical condition and repairability of structural units of buildings and constructions of different purpose.
  • Checking calculations of structural units of buildings and constructions concerning changing load taking into account accumulated defects and damages.
  • Development of recommendations for reinforcement and further maintenance of buildings and constructions.
  • Development of reinforcement projects of reinforced concrete, stone, metal, and wooden structural units of buildings and constructions, bases and foundations including drawing designs and cost calculations.
  • Assessment of seismic resistance, development of seismic resistance strengthening projects of buildings and structures.

i5i6The laboratory has highly-qualified engineering and scientific personnel, modern equipment, for inspection of buildings and constructions and computers.

In recent years the personnel of the laboratory has executed complex of works concerning inspection and reinforcement of buildings and constructions in the town and region for such customers as "Kazzinc” JSC (Ust-Kamenogorsk building site, Zyryanovsk dressing plant, Bukhtarma hydro-electric power station, Ust-Kamenogorsk Place of Sport, Ridder repair and engineering plant of "Kazzincmash" Ltd.), Ust-Kamenogorsk hydro-electric power station, Ust-Kamenogorsk Titan-Magnesium Plant, "Vostokmashzavod" JSC, "UK Mebeldrevprom" JV, East Kazakhstan Oblast Medical Association and others. The volume of financed scientific-industrial works was more than 40 mln. tenges in 2000-2004. High level of technical documentation and operational efficiency in execution of important tasks contribute to the strengthening of business cooperation and stable financing. The customers respect and thank the scientific-industrial laboratory. In 2004 the scientific-industrial activity of NADOSK laboratory was presented at the international conference in Czech Republic (Prague).

Implementation of research results (.pdf, 204Kb).