Research work

At the department " Instrument Engineering and Technology Automation " has 24 full-time teachers, among them: 1 doctor of technical sciences, 2 doctors PhD, 9 PhDs, 5 MSc.

The research work of the department is conducted on several fronts:

  • The innovative ultrasonic flow measurement of the density of liquids, with the construction of the experimental layout densitometer (supervisor PhD Alontseva DL);
  • Automated precision coating systems, powder coatings multifunctional (supervisor PhD Alontseva DL);
  • Underground coal gasification: innovative technologies to reduce emissions and environmental management (supervisor PhD Alontseva DL);
  • Development of a new automated technology hydrosol-removal on the typical thermal power plants and factories gornodo-extractive industry in Kazakhstan using hydrocyclones with regulatory-emoy geometry (Research rukovoditeld.t.n. Kvasov AI);
  • Optimization of energy consumption in LED lighting installations combined with automated control, bathrooms: algorithms, software, demonstration-onny layout at Expo 2017 (supervisor PhD Baklanov AE).

Material base implementation of innovative projects are the Research and Innovation Center "Energy of the Future" and specialized laboratories of the Department: «Analog and digital circuit design»; «Robotics, mechatronics and electronics»; «Programming controllers of SIEMENS»; «Programming controllers of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC »; «Automation of telecommunication systems», as well as pilot training and production site for the assembly of LED lighting products.

Training and retraining of teaching staff through training in refresher courses, master's, doctoral, participation in foreign and international scientific conferences, seminars and internships.

In 2015, participated in seminars, competitions:

  • Baklanov AE winner of the competition of innovative projects "Green Technology" at the International Exhibition EXPO 2015 OSKEMEN ", May 2015.
  • Alontseva DL It submitted a draft (proposed for the EXPO 2017) "The innovative ultrasonic flow measurement of the density of liquids, with the construction of the experimental layout of the density" in the G-Global.
  • Rusakova AV the State scientific grant for talented young scientists to 2015.
  • Alontseva DL in the XII Republican contest of achievements in the field of invention "Shapagat-2015." Diploma "National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan" in nomination "The woman - the inventor of the" April 2015.
  • Alontseva DL participation in the program TechWomen (San Francisco, CA, USA), September-November 2015.
  • Alontseva DL Head of the project "Measuring capacitance and inductance (LC-meter)" in the regional competition of school projects in 2015. The project I place (ASD).
  • Baklanov AE, Alontseva DL, Rusakov AV, Erulanova AE, Shvets OY, Grigorieva SV full-time in 2015 took part in international conferences and abroad.

Head of Department, Ph.D., associate professor of Baklanov AE has won the title of "Best University Teacher - 2014", Ph.D., professor Alontseva DL - "Best University Teacher - 2012", Ph.D., assistant professor Shvets OY - "Best University Teacher - 2015".


Students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the department are actively involved in the implementation of state budget-funded research projects.
Every year undergraduates and the best students of the department participate in contests, competitions and conferences at the regional, national and international levels.

In 2015, participated in contests and competitions the following students and undergraduates of the Department:

  • Korotkov SV, 2 undergraduate course specialty "Instrument", was awarded the diploma of II degree in the Republican contest for the best research work of students.
  • Murzin MV, 3rd year student of the specialty "Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications", was awarded the diploma of II degree in the Republican contest for the best research work of students .
  • Grigoriev EA, 3rd year student of the specialty "Automation and Control", was awarded the diploma of III degree in the Republican subject Olympiad among students 5V070200 specialties "Automation and Control".
  • Participation in the XII All-Russian Student Olympiad on electronics in "Electronics and Nanoelectronics" with 20.04.2015. on 24.04.2015. Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia: GM Nazenova (12-RT-1), AT Kusainova (12-AU-1), Murzin MV (12-RT-1), Grigoriev EA (12-AW-1). According to the results of the Olympiad students received certificates of participants.
  • In the II round of the competition "Innovative Idea" project was one of the student FITE "Revision of man-made structures and green spaces with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles." Head Titov DN The initiator student of a group of 12-AU-1 Grigoriev EA The project took the II place.