Master's Courses

6M070900 Metallurgy Скачать download

Full-time training

Period of training -1.5, 2 years

Academic degree - Master of Metallurgy

6М073700 - Mineral Processing Скачать download

Full-time training

Academic degree - Master of Engineering and Technology

Spheres of professional activity of master’s of engineering and technology

The master’s of engineering and technology can meet the production-technological and organizational work in industrial enterprises, carry out research work on enrichment, acquisition and processing of ferrous, non-ferrous, rare, radioactive metals, alloys and special materials.
Master’s in Mineral Processing can carry the following professional activities:

  • control over the following safety rules;
  • organization work in small groups of performers;
  • development of operational plans for the primary production units;
  • maintenance of engineering specification;
  • submission of reports, surveys and publications on experimental activities;
  • study of scientific and technical information;
  • mathematical modeling of processes and objects based on standard automation projects and investigations and etc.;
  • Master’s graduates may hold positions in accordance with the legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To apply for the specialty of Mineral Processing master’s the following documents are necessary:

  • An application form (on the special letterhead);
  • Diplom;
  • Photos(6 ps), size 3x4;
  • Health certificate, Form 086-Y;