D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Military Sub-Department

main_logoshevron2Military training of students on military sub-departments of higher educational institutions is a successive and purposeful process of their training and character building. 

Military training of students at the Military sub-department is organized and carried out in accordance with the demand of guidance documents of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and study programms by speciality.


employee Organization of the military training process on the Military sub-department includes: teaching work; the faculty and subordinate staff qualification  improvement; methodic work; military-scientific, military-research; inventive and rationalization work; measures for development and improvement of training material-technical base and material provision of the training process; military-patriotic education and defense-mass work with the students; measures for discipline supporting; training sessions of students in military units; credit-tests, course work, and final exams.

D. Serikbaev EKSTU Military sub-department trains specialists for Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan on four military specialties:

  • ВУС021001– “Battle Use of Motorized Infantry Subdivisions, Units on  Bradley Fighting Vehicles »
  • ВУС310100– “Finance and the military economy”
  • ВУС420200– “Operation and maintenance of basic machinery of armored vehicles”
  • ВУС560200– “Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles”

There is the following staff at the Military sub-department:

  • Faculty – 15 people;
  • Engineering-technical staff  – 3 people;
  • Subordinate staff – 8 people;
  • All in all  - 26 people.