D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

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Department for Research and Development and Innovative Activity

Department for Research and Development and Innovative Activity Laboratories and scientific-research and project subdivisions of D.Serikbayev EKSTU

(19 laboratories + 3 institutes + 9 centers)
As of 01.10.2015

  • Regional university laboratory of engineering profile "IRGETAS."
  • Scientific-research Institute of Applied Material Studies and Metallurgy of EKSTU.
  • University scientific-innovative center «Energy of future»


Faculty of «Engineering» (6 laboratories + 1 institute + 5 centers)

  • Project scientific-research institute of construction industry «Vostokakademproekt».
  • «NADOSK».
  • «BOSKOR».
  • Certification testing centers (accredited centre).
  • Educational-project-production Center «Diarkh».
  • «Water problems».
  • Center of science and production.
  • Research and production laboratory "Creative Technologies, Interactive Design in Architecture"
  • Scientific-Production Center of certification tests of automotive fuels and oils « SPC SATIM» (accredited center).
  • Autotechnical test center «ETORA».
  • SRL «Social-demographic researches».


Faculty of «Geoscience» (7 laboratories + 2 center)

  • Museum-laboratory «Great Altai».
  • Laboratory «Protection of the environment».
  • Laboratory of mineralogical research
  • Laboratory of biotechnologies.
  • "Geometrical Sounding of the Earth." Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Geological study and mining
  • Center for Independent Kazakhstan history study
  • SPC «Translation and cross-cultural communication».
  • SRL «Demographic processes of the Great Altai».


Faculty of «Information technology and business» (5 laboratories + 1 center + 1 institute)

  • SRI «Nanotechnologies and new materials».
  • SPC «Rukhaniyat».
  • SRPL «Innovations and resources management».
  • SRL «Applied sociolinguistics and intensive language teaching».
  • SRL «Commercial analysis of projects and innovative technologies».
  • SRL «Energy saving technologies».
  • Interdepartmental laboratory simulation of processes and systems in "Mathematical and informational technologies"."