KAZ Minerals Aktogay  LLP specialists were given an opportunity to select candidates within the "Trainee" program among  graduates who participated  in the contest.

On May 24-25, 2018 students of Earth Sciences Faculty were tested and interviewed. As a result, students were selected who possessed the competencies necessary for internships and subsequent employment in the Company.

1. Karybaev Adilet - Equipment operator in hydrometallurgy(Trainee)

2. Zhakupov Azamat - Technician-geologist (trainee)

3. Zhunisbekov Zhaksylyk - Equipment operator  in hydrometallurgy (Trainee)

4. Zhunis Rashida - chemistry lab technician (Trainee)

5. Almesakova Ardak - Filter-taker (Trainee)

6. Ramazanova Zhanna - chemistry lab technician  (Trainee)

7. Seitzazinova Moldir Meyrkhatyzy - reagent operator  (Trainee) / Filter operator (Trainee)

8. Zikirova Karina – Equipment operator- in hydrometallurgy (Trainee)

9. Saduakasov Madiyar - Equipment operator  in hydrometallurgy (Trainee)

10. Koroblin Ivan (3rd year) - maintenance fitter (trainee)

11. Dulatov Dauren (3rd year) - maintenance fitter (trainee)

12. Zikirov Dauren – condenser operator (Trainee)

13. ZakariyanovTemirlan – Equipment operator in hydrometallurgy (Trainee)

Congratulations to the graduates! We hope that you will demonstrate only your positive qualities and high professionalism! Raise the reputation of our University higher!