Military-Patriotic Education and Defense-Mass Work

Military-patriotic education is directed on forming students’ trained at the Military sub-department high moral, professional-combat and psychological qualities, organization and discipline, necessary for fulfillment Constitutional duty for the Motherland defense. Major tasks of military-patriotic education at the sub-department are:

  • Explaining the ideas of Motherland defense, demands of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country President on the issues of military construction and military service;
  • Forming high conscience and vigilance, devotion to the Motherland, developing necessary moral-battle qualities;
  • Propaganda of heroic past and glorious  military traditions of Military Forces and the tasks solved by them now;
  • Transfer of skills in accurate and implicit obeying to orders  of chiefs, training sense of duty for the Motherland and strengthening defensive power of the country and stable national security;
  • Training sense friendship among people of our country, readiness for to defend the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Military sub-department is an organizer and takes very active part in events of military-patriotic and character training character hold by the university and the city and oblast administration:

  • Marathon«Память»(“Memory”);
  • Motherland Defense Day;
  • Day of the Victory in Great Patriotic War;
  • Meetings and celebration in honour of veterans of war and labor;
  • Contest of Military-Patriotic song;
  • Sport contest of the students going through training sessions;
  • Sports events of the university;
  • Different festivals and holidays hold by the university.

The Military sub-department always take prize places in sports contests. It has supported close working and sponsorship contacts with Afghanistan veterans union, military units, schools and institutions of Ust-Kamenogorsk. Officers of the sub-department have been awarded several times by the university administration and Ministry of Defense for their contribution into the matter of training and character training of youth.