D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Civil Defense Headquarters, service of labour protection and safety

The Civil Defense Headquarters, service of Labour protection and Safety Department is intended for direct management of civil defense actions, people protection and labor safety.

The primary goals of Civil Defense Headquarters and Labor Safety Department:

  • Planning civil defense actions in both peace and wartime and control of their execution in due time.
  • The organization of performance of all civil defense actions in everyday life situations, in extreme situations and in wartime. Control of creation and taking care of forces and means of civil defense for actions in extreme situations and in case of enemy attack. Control of urgent work in extreme situations. Planning and organization of training administration and academic staff of the university, control over University employees training in civil defense and actions in extreme situations.
  • Creation of control systems of civil defense, notification and informing of employees and students about threat and occurrence of acts of nature, failures, accidents and applications by the enemy of modern means of defeat.
  • Planning and carrying out evacuation actions in extreme situations and in wartime. Planning and carrying out of trainings in civil defense and extreme situations.
  • Development and implementation of a complex of social and economic, organizational - technical, sanitary-and-hygienic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions to create and maintain safe and healthy working conditions at the university.
  • The control over observance of the Law of Republic Kazakhstan “About protection at work and labor safety”, established rules and norms on labor safety, safety rules, performance of instructions of the bodies of the state supervision and control over labor safety.

Apart from the specified objectives the Civil Defense Headquarters and Labor Safety Department depending on a sort of activity and features of developed conditions can carry out other tasks.