D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Management of strategic planning and quality management

Management of strategic planning and quality management is a structural subdivision of D. Serikbayev EKSTU.

The main aim of the Management is the support of the implementation of the Strategic Development Program of the university, promotion of the University in international and national rankings, creating an attractive image that allows achieving competitive advantages, coordination of work on the functioning of the QMS.

Main directions of MSPQM activity are:

  • management by activity on strategic planning of university with orientation on customer needs and carrying out timely changes in the university that allows to achieve competitive advantages;
  • coordination of QMS functioning of the university;
  • coordination of the development and administration of the university's strategic development program;
  • coordination of work  on the national  and international rankings;
  • coordination of work on the institutional and specialized accreditation;
  • monitoring of the effectiveness of the University's activity in order to identify problems that relate with the achievement of the strategic objectives of the university;
  • monitoring of the structural divisions activity through the internal audits system;
  • monitoring of customer satisfaction by the quality of provided services;
  • improvement of  the normative and organizational base of the university, the structure and methods of management.

MSPQM consist of two departments:

  • Quality management system department; 
  • Center of quality assessment and development of educational technology.