Department of Information Technologies

The Department of Information Technology was established in September, 2011. In August 2015, it was renamed to Management of informational technologies.

The main purpose of the Department of Information Technology is to provide qualitative and effective realization of the informatization programs at the level of international accreditation and certification requirements.

DIT contains:

  • Office of technical support
    Head of the office - Nurkin B.B.
    • Office of network technologies
      Head of the office - Bayakhatov A.B.
    • Multimedia studio
      Engineer-manager - Dukhanin Ye.V.
    • Office of system administration and educational process
      Head of the office - Ospanov A.
  • Office of information educational technologies
    Head of the office - Zuev V.N.
  • Office of system management and development
    Head of the office - Sergazinov Ye.Yu..

Department policy:

  • embedding and development of modern information technologies into the university activity to increase the availability of educational services;
  • realization of the university informatization program, annual and current plans;
  • IT systems creation, development and supporting;
  • creation, development and suppoting of university IT infrastructure;
  • monitoring and supporting the productivity and quality of the multilevel telecommunications network and active/passive equipment;
  • coordination over designing, purchasal, embedding, usage and development of front-rank information technologies;
  • coordination over purchases and supplying subdivisions with multimedia facilities and office appliances.

Primary duties and management responsibility:

  • maintenance and perfection of the educational and organizational informative systems;
  • technical maintenance of LAN and other communication equipment. Scheduled maintenance;
  • servers and active communication equipment management and maintenance;
  • maintentance of system software, instrumental and applied programs;
  • creation and maintenance of all works on materials registration for educational process and the university image support;
  • organization of purchases, inventory check, repair and upgrading computational and office equipment, its registeration.