D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Resources of remote access

Dear professors, administrative workers, students!

University scientific laboratory offers you free access to the full-text databases:

elibrary Scientific electronic library “Russian universal scientific electronic library”. Access to the Russian scientific technical journal in electronic form, plus 2800 journals open access.

Access from the site: http://www.elibrary.ru.

sbBusiness electronic library of Sberbank-Kazakhstan. The most complete collection of business books in Russian. The library includes the books of the Alpin Publishing House and the Russian business magazine "RBC". More than 1200 electronic books of business literature and 45 books of the SberBank Library are available day and night from  any part of the world

Access from the site: https://sberbank-kz.alpinadigital.ru/

Link(IOS):  https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/sberbank-kazahstan/id1130014158?mt=8

Link (Android ):  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.alpina.sberbankkaz

Get the login and password in the library.

elibrary The test access to the Epigraph Electronic Library is open from the computers of the university network. The electronic library is a collection of more than 3000 titles of textbooks and teaching aids for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazakh, Russian and English.

To access, go to: http://res.epigraph.kz , to access from home, you must register with the computer of the university network.


isiwebofknowledge The Web of Knowledge: a multidisciplinary electronic research platform that allows users to search in multiple databases simultaneously through a flexible, powerful search system, to receive articles, and links to web pages that may be helpful for researchers. Thomson Reuters is a global information market leader. By resources of Thomson Reuters you can get the information concerned the quoted publications, as well as to find out the journal impact factor.

Access from the site: http://www.WebofKnowledge.com; http://www.isiwebofknowledge.com.

sciencedirect ScienceDirect is full-text database of scientific and technical information (books, journals, etc.). Access to Energy 12 books, collection.

Access from the site: http://www.sciencedirect.com

Scopus is the biggest report and quote data base in the world.

Access from the site: https://www.scopus.com/freelookup/form/author.uri

SpringerLink SpringerLink is one of the leading world databases of high quality journals, books, reference materials and interactive archive collections. Topics covered are biology, ecology, physics, technical sciences, mathematics, information science, humanities, and economics.

Access from the site: http://www.springerlink.com/.

Taylor & FrancisOnline provides online access to journals, publishing houses which cover a wide range of scientific disciplines - natural, applied, social and humanitarian.

Access from the site: http://www.tandfonline.com.

ekstu EBSCO (USA) contains business and economics database. Scientific journal database (in the sphere of humanitarian and social research). Database of daily newspapers. Database of popular periodical editions. Database of educational resources (more than 2200 digests from 1000 journals and volumes, devoted to the questions of science and education). All information is in English, available on CD.

For more information: computer class Г-Б-101А of the library Г-Б-100.

 rmeb Our university was included into Republican interuniversity electronic library (RIEL). You can use electronic educational resources of other universities of Kazakhstan on the RIEL site from any computer of university network.

Access from the site: http://www.rmeb.kz.

History_Kaz Portal "History of Kazakhstan".

Access from the site: http://e-history.kz.

Kazakhstan national electronic library - KazNEL - free receiving of documents electronic copies while working from the university network computers, placement of author works on the site (while concluding authors agreement), use of EKSTU Vestnik and materials of NTK in electronic form.

Access from the site: http://www.kazneb.kz.

Ministry of Justice Republic of Kazakhstan. «Adilet» Legal information system.

Access from the site: http://www.minjust.kz; http://www.adilet.gov.kz/ru.

The Nazional scientific portal of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Access from the site: http://www.nauka.kz.

National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Access from the site: http://www.nlrk.kz.

The National Institute of Intellectual Property.

Access from the site: http://www.kazpatent.kz.

Base patents Base Kazakhstan patents.

Access from the site: http://www.kzpatents.com.

Republican Scientific and Technical Library.

Access from the site: http://www.rntb.kz.

Electronic government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Access from the site: http://egov.kz.

A.S. Pushkin east Kazakhstan regional library.

Access from the site: http://www.pushkinlibrary.kz.

elibrary The computer of university network test access to the Library's Electronic Publishing "DOE". It is a platform that hosts a collection of books of the leading publishers of textbooks, grouped by main areas of expertise ("Mathematics", "Physics", "Chemistry", "Engineering", "Nanotechnology", etc.). You can use full-text journals on various subjects.

Access from the site: www.e.lanbook.com.

sciencedirect Repository of important publications manually collected. Database with subject heading list: 53 branches / 600 sources / 9 federal disrtricts of RF / 235 countries and jurisdictions / main materials / articles and interviews of 8000 chief executives. A thousand pieces of news daily, full text in Russian, millions of the best stories of news agencies and business press for 15 years. Customizable search. Access in open only for the computers of university network.

Access from the site: http://www.polpred.com.

SciTecLibrary "Scientific and technical information agency SciTecLibrary SciTecLibrary". The main ideological direction of the site is technologies, inventions, ideas, know-how and other scientific and technical developments in different spheres of science and engineering.

Access from the site: http://www.sciteclibrary.ru.

fips Rospatent site. It contains the following scientific and technical information: inventions and useful models, industrial samples, trademarks, software computers, databases, topology of integrated circuits.

Access from the site: http://www.fips.ru.

Knowhouse Information system for construction "НОУ-ХАУС.ру". On the site there is information about definite trademarks for construction materials from manufacturers and suppliers: drawings, recommendations, collections, etc. Layout -.pdf (Adobe Acrobat) and dwg. (AutoCAD).

Access from the site: http://www.Know-house.ru.

NT “Electronic library « Science and technics» – books, articles, journals, news of science and engineering, biographies, information for the authors.

Access from the site: http://www.N-T.ru.

engenegr Engenegr.ru is literature for engineers. The best technical and other literature, GOSTs, Unified design documentation systems, changes for Unified design documentation system, unifieprocess documentation system.

Access from the site: http://www.engenegr.ru.

allbeton Free electronic library for technical literature in construction. More than 2000 books about construction and construction material production.

Access from the site: http://www.allbeton.ru.

DWG.ru are materials for designers. Books for structural analysis, architecture, machine building.

Access from the site: http://www.dwg.ru.

Electronic electrotechnical library is books for electrician. Textbooks, reference literature, monograph, journals. Electronic books.

Access from the site: http://www.electrolibrary.info.

publ Public Library (Vadim Ershov and K. Electronic bookshelves). Universal Library, e-books, portal, creators, authors of works and translations.

Access from the site: http://www.publ.lib.ru.

World Digital Library - WDL offers free Internet access in multilingual format to a large number of materials representing the cultures of different countries.

Access from the site: https://www.wdl.org/ru.

Encyclopedias world.

Access from the site: www.encyclopedia.ru.

The largest encyclopedic Internet resource.

Access from the site: http://www.rubricon.com/.

britannica Encyclopedia Britannica.

Access from the site: http://www.britannica.com

Scientific journals open access

http://www.prometeus.nsc.ru - Web browser foreign scientific electronic resources open access.

http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=arxiv.org http://arxiv.org/ - Complimentary electronic archive of scientific publications in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, mechanics, astronomy and biology.

https://doaj.org/ - Today in DOAJ one can search thousands of articles from 6069 journals (more than 504 thousand articles).

http://ezb.uni-regensburg.de/ - Electronic library Regensburg University free publications.

http://www.hindawi.com/ - Hindawi - Publishing Corporation, which covers more than 100 peer-reviewed open access journals in all major areas of science, engineering and medicine.

http://openj-gate.org/ - Directory of open access to more than 6,000 scientific journals.

https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse - J-STAGE - more than 500 scientific journals in various fields of knowledge.

http://edina.ac.uk - UK National Centre of Scientific Information, providing access to a range of on-line services.

Search system for science

 BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engin - one of the world's largest search system, specialized in the search for scientific papers open access in the Internet.

Access from the site: https://www.base-search.net/.

google The largest library in the world

Google Books is a full-text search service for books digitized by Google (over 10 million books from the largest US libraries), a number of European libraries and a number of publishers have become project partners. A library project allows you to search in Google for millions of books in different languages. Among them there are rare books, works that are no longer published, and works available only in some libraries.

Access from the site: https://books.google.com

 Google Scholar - information search system, focused on scientific literature search on various branches of knowledge.

Access from the site: https://scholar.google.com.ua.

 OAIster - union catalog of millions records representing open access to digital resources.

Access from the site: http://oaister.worldcat.org/.

SCIRUS - search system aimed at finding only scientific information, let you find information in scientific journals on scientists personal pages, universities and research centers.

Access from the site: www.Scirus.com.

 PubList.com - ot 150 thousand Electronic and print ed journals in many fields of knowledge.

Access from the site: http://publist.com.

 WorldWideScience.org - Global scientific system that provides search information search in national and international scientific databases and portals.

Access from the site: http://worldwidescience.org/indextext.

For more information please contact Г- Б-106, Scientific and bibliographic department of D. Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan State Technical University.