7M07301 - Architecture

Training in the Master's degree program for the specialty is carried out in two ways:

  • Specialized;
  • Scientific and pedagogical.

Specialized master’s degree program realizes the educational progrENams of post-graduate training for architects who have in-depth professional training. Educational programs of specialized master’s degree program carry applied nature of learning.

Scientific pedagogical master’s degree program realizes the educational programs of post-graduate training in the system of higher and postgraduate education and research sector, having in-depth scientific and pedagogical training in the field of architect.

Individuals who have mastered the two-year graduate training program of scientific and pedagogical direction and defended a master's thesis, awarded the academic degree "Master of Arts, specialty  -7M07301 Architecture.

Individuals who have mastered a one-year training program graduate core specialized areas and defended his master's thesis, awarded the academic degree "Master of Art, specializing in  - 7M07301Architecture."

Masters graduate of research and teaching areas:

  • Must have fundamental academic and professional background;
  • possess the modern information technologies, including methods of preparation, processing and storage of scientific information;
  • be able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, to plan and conduct work in their chosen profession,
  • teach in universities, to successfully research and management activities.
  • can work as a designer, manager of design work, implement management activities.

Requirements for general education: Master's degree graduates 7M07301 - The architecture should be able to perform the following professional activities:

  • R&D (research, data collection and analysis, writing research papers, essays, sketches, sections of major scientific research);
  • production (design, including the development of concepts, projects, models, models of new facilities ensembles, products and the development of specifications for design).

Graduates of research and teaching areas may teach in high schools (vocational, technical and vocational education), including the implementation of analytical developments concerning the educational process, preparation of standard and work study programs, teaching development, reading, lectures and practical training in the disciplines of architecture, art, etc.;

Requirements for social and personal competencies must be ready to change the social, economic, professional roles, geographic and social mobility in terms of the dynamics of change.

Requirements for organizational and managerial skills are the specifics of the production and management activities, including participation in preliminary studies, leading or participating in creative teams, planning the design process, coordination of projects with experts of related industries.