The School of Engineering

The School of Engineering was established in 01 November 2019 as a result of optimization of the university structure.

The name of new school is due to a wide range of educational programs offered by the applicants, as Engineering, being a branch of science and technology activities and will include a number of specialized fields and disciplines, based on the tenets of fundamental science and the results of applied research focused on practical application and people use of scientific and practical knowledge.

The school of SI includes more than 77 full-time teachers, including 38 doctors and candidates of sciences, 26 - have a master's degree.

The school carries out preparation on 15 specialties of a bachelor's degree, 15 specialties of master’s, 4 specialty of doctoral studies.

Education at the School conducted in the state and Russian languages ​​- full-time and using distance learning technology; in polylingual group classes are conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English.