D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Regional university engineering laboratory “IRGETAS”

Regional university engineering laboratory “IRGETAS” was established on December 25, 2007 on the basis of D. Serikbaev East Kazakhstan State Technical University by the order of RK Ministry of Education and Science from March 15, 2007 №120.

The laboratory is a materials science center for communal usage to develop technologies and nanotechnology of new materials development for various industries – mechanical engineering, construction, chemical and processing industries, geology and mineral deposits exploration, other industries, as well as to perform basic and applied research in various fields of science - mineralogy, materials science, chemistry, ecology and others.

The laboratory is located in a separate wing of the main building of the University, on the ground and basement floors in 20 separate rooms with total area of 1070.9 square meters, including:

  • scientific research and analytical sector - 171.1 m2;
  • areas of sample preparation - 208.5 m2;
  • head office - 19.5 m2;
  • office - 40.1 m2;
  • conference hall - 39,8 m2;
  • auxiliary rooms and corridors - 128.9 m2;
  • engineering offices – 79 m2.

On attached area is located technological ground area 384 square meters, including:

• area of  gravity preparation of minerals - 144 m2;

• warehouses - 240 m2.

Areas and Directions of Laboratory Work

Main area of laboratory work is conducting of fundamental and applied research in the direction: "High technology of new materials development based on the complex usage of mining and metallurgical industry resources."

The main objective of the laboratory, in accordance with the priority areas of RK Education and Science development for the near future, is conducting of fundamental and applied research in the main direction: "High technology of new materials development based on the complex usage of mining and metallurgical industry resources."

Other areas of laboratory work are:

  • execution of research and development in the sphere of materials science and nanotechnology;
  • scientific and technical collaboration with RK and foreign partners.

Aims of the Laboratory

In accordance with the main objective and scientific areas the following practical tasks and functions of the laboratory are formulated:

  • Deep study of mineral and technogenics raw materials;
  • Development of scientific products and commercial technologies, including nanotechnology;
  • Development of scientific and technical cooperation with foreign partners, conducting of joint research on international programs, promoting the exchange of scientists between Kazakhstan and foreign countries;
  • Research in the framework of scientific programs of teaching staff, programs of doctoral and master theses preparation as well as courseworks and graduation theses;
  • Research in the framework of the state budget projects;
  • Carrying out research by the orders of industrial enterprises and organizations, research centers and institutes, individual scholars within the framework of economic contractual works.

Types of R&D and laboratory analytical research fulfilled in “IRGETAS”

  • transmission electron microscopy with micro (nano) analysis(TEMMA);
  • scanning electron microscopy with microanalysis (SEMMA);;
  • X-ray diffractometry (XRD);
  • inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP MS);
  • microwave plasma atomic emission spectrometry (MP AES);
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF);
  • photometric spectrometry (PS);
  • colorimetry (C);
  • optical microscopy (OM);
  • metallography (M);
  • vacuum technology and thin films production (VT&TFP);
  • heat treatment (incl. high temperature heat treatment) (HT);
  • powder material plasma deposition, metal plasma cutting (PD, PC).

To carry out these research there is a wide range of sites and sample preparation equipment.

Sources of Finance

Years Means of  base budget financing, million tenge Means of grant financing, million tenge Means of target program financing, million tenge Means of non-budget research, million tenge TOTAL, million tenge
2007 - 200,0 - - 200,0
2008 - 2,1 - 0,2 2,3
2009 - 15,9 - 4,2 20,1
2010 - 26,9 - 2,9 29,8
2011 13,0 19,9 50,0 3,3 86,2
2012 29,8 89,7 50,0 3,0 172,5
2013 21,3 106,8 60,0 3,9 192,0
2014 19,9 67,2 46,2 4,8 138,1
2015 19,4 90,0 10,0 5,0 124,4
2016 21,7 79,1 - 5,7 106,5
TOTAL: 125,1 714,1 215,2 29,0 1083,4

Dynamics of volumes of financial development since the beginning of laboratory operation until now shows their steady growth both on state budget themes and non-budget  - economic contractual works.


Laboratory staff

Staff size (on base financing): 15 peoples (1 doctor of sciences, 3 candidates of sciences, 2 Ph.D)
Non-staff members (grants, target program themes, economic contractual works): 74 peoples (7 doctors of sciences, 7 candidates of sciences, 7 Ph.D).