D. Serikbayev EKSTU Institute for Development and Advanced Training

ID&AT is a structural sub–division of the University, established in 2000

Goals: organization and management of the process of professional development and professional development of experts in engineering, as well as University employees


  • increased personal competitive advantages of employees, HiPo teams,
  • leadership of the University in engineering education
  • maintaining financial sustainability of the University

Areas of Activity:

  • Retraining and advanced training of specialists of branch industries. 
  • Activity in the field of industrial and radiation safety (Сertificate)
  • Professional development and training of University staff (ScheduleCatalogue); HiPo – in diagrams and photographs (HiPo)

Basic Principles:

  • Aspiration for achievement, motivation
  • Conscious application of extra effort and high performance
  • Learning through reflection of personal experience, adaptability
  • Teamwork and mutual support
  • Satisfaction and engagement: commitment to the values and strategy of the University development

Key tools and technologies: