D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Publishing center


Publishing center director - Oxana Nikolayevna Nikolayenko

Publishing center is the structural subdivision of State Governmental Enterprise of RK «D.Serikbaev East-Kazakhstan State Technical University». Publishing center is busy with preparation, manufacturing and edition of teaching aids, tutorials, monographies, proceedings and papers of scientific and methodological conferences and workshops in Russian and Kazakh languages, nesting and printing of University newspaper «Za Znanie». Typography operations on producing headed note-papers (diplomas, official documents, letters of gratitude, praiseworthy lists, business cards, testimonials, adverticements booklets etc.) Since 1998 we publish scientific journal "D.Serikbaev EKSTU Vestnik (Reporter ) acknowledged by VAK of the Republic of Kazakhstan with sections: technical science, architecture, military science, kadastr. Since 2004 we publish first in our oblast scientific-popular journal "Jas talap-KZ" in Russian and since 2009 «Ел ертеңі-KZ» in Kazakh, the main themes are publishing of materials on deeper study and profile treatment of high school graduates on mathematics, physics and computer science. Having up-to-date material-technical base, providing wide spectrum of polygraphic processings, the publishing center makes its valid contribution to support the University image.

Publishing center staff

Nowadays the issue of quality production is done by the 11 employees of Publishing center. Editorial Board: S.V. Zudyaeva, G.T. Jantasova; group of computer set of data and prototyping: D.J. Mushelbaeva, E.I. Bogatyreva, S.S. Mamyrazdykova; copying-duplicating area: М.V. Yakovleva, Е.А. Fedyaeva, Е.S. Duusova; ready-made issue: Е.V. Skidanenko, G.P. Rogovskaya, I.Y. Shirobokova.

The Publishing center staff is relatively young, is flourishing in creative activity, always aimed to be merited structural subdivision of East-Kazakhstan State Technical University.