D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Department of Strategy Development and Monitoring

Department of Strategy Development and Monitoringis a subdivision of D.Serikbaev EKSTU.

The aim is to form and confirm the strategic development of the University program.


  • Strategic planning of the University for the medium and short term, of the formation and development programs for the areas of activity;
  • Monitoring of the program implementation of strategic development and the achievement of key indicators, analysis of implementation efficiency and supporting to make decision to improve efficiency.
  • Analysis of internal resources, external factors affecting the University development, and supporting to make decision on the basis of the analysis.
  • Coordination of projects in the framework of the strategic development plan for areas of activity.
  • Coordination of the operation and updating of the quality management system.
  • Planning and coordination of entering the University to the top of national and international rankings, passing the international accreditation  of Study program.
  • Monitoring the quality of language training at D.Serikbaev EKSTU, the implementation of the project "Trilingualism - formula for success!".
  • Formation of the marketing policy of the University and promotion of  the University brand in the information environment.

Structure of the Department

Figure - Structure of the Department