Free of charge Workshop took place in D. Serikbayev State Technical University on the 27th of April, 2016. The Workshop is a joint effort of Oxford University Press, InterPress, "Lingvo-Intensive" and EKSTU. More than 90 attendee from universities, colleges and schools of the regions were there. 

Woodward Woodward

Speaker of the workshop is Laura Woodward. She has been a teacher and teacher trainer for more years than she cares to remember! She has taught students and trained teachers in England, Thailand, Laos, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Tunisia, Lebanon, Bahrain and Iraq. 

She worked at the British Council in Thailand and Istanbul designing and delivering courses for schools and universities in the private and state sector. 

Nowadays she is working as a freelance teacher training consultant. 

Her main interests are: teacher education and development education, lifelong learning, young and very young learners, teenage learners, differentiated learning, the use of drama techniques in ELT, music and song in learning, TKT, CELTA, CELTA YL Extension and ICELT. She is also a CELTA Assessor.

These days she continues her journey as a digital explorer to attempt to make sense of Web tools and other technological mysteries.

The workshop consists of three sessions:

The aim of the first session is to provide a brief overview of the techniques for helping students to develop their vocabulary, followed by some practical classroom ideas at various levels.

Second session will focus on how to integrate other subjects into language learning with some practical classroom examples.

The third session will provide a brief overview of the issues involved in teenage language learning and provide some practical classroom examples.

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