The role of English in up-to-date world can hardly be over-estimated. Judging by policy of Education and Science Ministry, Kazakhstan is not an exception. Poly-lingual education is implemented both in secondary and high schools of our Republic. Great job is carried out at D.Serikbaev EKSTU, where students and teachers are being trained to pass IELTS as this exam have been chosen as the measuring instrument of English competence. Taking into account the real state of affairs about low English competence among teachers of non-linguistic sciences and low motivation of students, we think this target to be a challenge. 


This video was created on the initiative of EKSTU Rector Shaimardanov Z.K. by the students of intermediate level of English Lee Karina (14-SS-1), Uteyev Ruslan (14-GT-1), Veselova Yekaterina (15-VT-1), Shvetsov Igor (15-BM-1), Belokon Igor (15-MTRK-1p). Their teacher of English Ruleva Y.S. suggested to carry out a survey to find out what students and teachers think about the project of three languages concept implementation in our universities, what are the threats and opportunities. Thus, four people were interviewed: Saule Ualieva Candidate of historical sciences, senior teacher of sociology, Stuart Chen professor of Civil Engineering, Askar Aulbekov two-year translator course student, Anna Seraya participant of the exchange program. The choice was due to their motivation to study English. So this video is aimed to encourage EKSTU students and teachers to master English.

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