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1  Journal of Applied Economic Sciencesп Food security as a formation factor of the import substitution potential of the economy  Konurbayeva, Z. ,  Denissova, O. ,  Rakhimberdinova, M.,  Zakimova, A. Ссылка
2 Metallurgist Environmental Protection Improvement of Fabric-Filter Cleaning of Process and Ventilation Gases at the Kazzinc LLC Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex  Zapasnyi, V.V.(a)  ,  Asanov, D.A.(a)  ,  Takeev, K.B.(b)  ,  Ermekova, A.T.(a)  ,  Ivanov, A.A.(a)      Ссылка
3  IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering Selective recovery of valuable metals from crushed electronic waste   Akhmetvaliyeva, Z.M.(a)  ,  Kulenova, N.A.(a),  Takasaki, Y.(b),  Mamyachenkov, S.V.(c),  Anisimova, O.S.(c),  Mudashiru, L.K.(d),  Fokina, E.L.(e),  Bast, J.(f) Ссылка
4 International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications Automation of industrial sites with mechatronic systems   Alontseva, D.L.  ,  Krasavin, A.L.  ,  Russakova, A.V.  ,  Kadyroldina, A.T.   Ссылка
5  Рhysics of the Solid State Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Multilayer α-AlN/α-BCN Coating as Functions of the Current Density during Sputtering of a B 4 C Target  Pogrebnyak, A.Dа.  ,  Ivashchenko, V.Ib.,  Erdybaeva, N.Kc.,  Kupchishin, A.Id.,  Lisovenko, M.A.a    Ссылка
6 Metallurgist Current Status of Dust Collection Systems in Aksu Ferroalloy Plant Smelting Shop 1 and Functional Improvement to These Systems  Asanov, D.A.  ,  Zapasnyi, V.V.  ,  Ermekova, A.T.  ,  Maratova, G.R.  ,  Ivanov, A.A.  ,  Cherepanov, N.I.      Ссылка
7 Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Applying energy approach in the evaluation of eco-driving skill and eco-driving training of truck drivers  Zavalko, A.  Ссылка
8 Journal of Mining Science Method of Shaping Loading-and-Transportation System in Deep Open Pit Complex Ore Mines  Kumykova, T.M.  ,  Kumykov, V.K.  Ссылка
9 Acta Physica Polonica A Developing a new resource and energy saving technology of precision application of powder coating multifunctional systems  Alontseva, D.(a)  ,  Ghassemieh, E.(b),  Russakova, A.(a),  Krassavin, A.(a),  Prokhorenkova, N.(a)   Ссылка
10 Metallurgist Development of Alkaline Decomposition of Lepidolite Concentrate by Melting with Calcined Soda and Melt Comprehensive Sulfuric Acid Treatment  Samoilov, V.I.(a) ,  Onalbaeva, Z.S.(a),  Adylkanova, M.A.(a),  Kokaeva, G.A.(b) ,  Abdulina, S.A.(a)  Ссылка
11 2018 4th International Conference on Computer and Technology Applications, ICCTA 2018 Decision support system for diagnosing anemia Belginova, S.  ,  Uvaliyeva, I. ,  Ismukhamedova, A. Ссылка
12 2018 5th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ICEEE 2018 The technique of providing the specified operating modes of the power system with using a solar battery as an element of smart technologies( Baidildina, A.  ,  Baklanov, A. Ссылка
13 ACM International Conference Proceeding Series Informational and analytical system to diagnose anemia Indira, U.  ,  Belginova, S.  ,  Ismukhamedova, A.  Ссылка
14 Proceedings - 2018 Ural Symposium on Biomedical Engineering, Radioelectronics and Information Technology, USBEREIT 2018 Design of an automatic system testing materials for tension Erulanova, A.  ,  Alimkhanova, A.  ,  Mechshanov, N.  ,  Amangeldina, Ссылка
15 Proceedings - 2018 Ural Symposium on Biomedical Engineering, Radioelectronics and Information Technology, USBEREIT 2018 System of indicators for monitoring the activities of an educational institution Kumargazhanova, S.(a)  ,  Erulanova, A.(a)  ,  Soltan, G.(b)  ,  Suleimenova, L.(a)  ,  Zhomartkyzy, G.(a) Ссылка
16  Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism International experience in the development of green economy   Denissova, O. ,  Kozlova, M. ,  Rakhimberdinova, M. ,  Varavin, Y. ,  Ordabayeva, M.  Ссылка
17 Materials Characterization The influence of deposition conditions and bilayer thickness on physical-mechanical properties of CA-PVD multilayer ZrN/CrN coatings   Maksakova, O.(a,b),  Simoẽs, S.(a),  Pogrebnjak, A.(b)  ,  Bondar, O.(b),  Kravchenko, Y.(b),  Beresnev, V.(c),  Erdybaeva, N.(d)    Ссылка
18 Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism Composing of scenarios development in strategic planning  Mukanov, A.(a) ,  Saduov, A.(b) ,  Akbayev, Y.(b) ,  Dulatbekova, Z.(a) ,  Ospanova, A.(c) ,  Selezneva, I.(d) ,  Madiyarova, E.(e) ,  Jempeissova, G.( Ссылка
19 Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism Particular forms of managementof Agro – Industrial complex in the sustainable development of agriculture  Aimurzina, B.(a),  Kamenova, M.(a) ,  Omarova, A.(b) ,  Pestunova, G.(c) ,  Karipova, A.(d) ,  Madenova, K.(e) Ссылка
20 Metallurgist Complex Loosening of Lepidolite Concentrate by Sulfuric Acid  Samoilov, V.I. ,  Onalbaeva, Z.S. ,  Adylkanova, М.А.,  Kokaeva, G.А.,  Abdulina, S.А.    Ссылка
21  Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals Influence of Thermal Treatment on Copper Extraction from Electronic Wastes  Akhmetvaliyeva, Z.M.(a) ,  Kulenova, N.A.(a) ,  Mamyachenkov, S.V.(b) ,  Anisimova, O.S.(b) ,  Fokina, E.L.(c)     Ссылка
22 Russian Engineering Research Porous Permeable SHS Cermets Based on Iron and Aluminum Oxides   Novoselova, T.V.(a) ,  Tolmacheva, L.V.(a),  Chernega, Y.G.(a),  Kolomeets, M.A.(b),  Maetskii, A.V.(c),  Tubalov, N.P.(c),  Yakovleva, O.V.(d)    Ссылка
23  Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism The main directions of sustainable development of agricultural production  Aimurzina, B.(a) ,  Kamenova, M.(a) ,  Omarova, A.(b) ,  Nurumov, A.(c) ,  Pestunova, G.(d) ,  Karipova, A.(e)  Ссылка
24  IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science New data on the substantial composition of Kalba rare metal deposits Oitseva, T.A.(a) ,  Dyachkov, B.A.(a),(e),  Vladimirov, A.G.(b,c,d),  Kuzmina, O.N.(a),  Ageeva, O.V.(f) Ссылка
25 Tectonophysics Cenozoic structural evolution, thermal history, and erosion of the Ukrainian Carpathians fold-thrust belt  Nakapelyukh, M.(a),b ,  Bubniak, I.(c),  Bubniak, A.(d),  Jonckheere, R.(a),  Ratschbacher, L.(a)    Ссылка
26 MCCSIS 2018 - Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems; Proceedings of the International Conferences on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2018, Game and Entertainment Technologies 2018 and Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2018 Automatization of algorithms for visual quality control of coatings and contours on the products for medical purposes Baklanova, O.E.,  Ryzhkova, E.V.,  Iskakova, M.M. Ссылка
27 Economy of Region Assessment of «green» economy development in regions (on the example of the Republic of Kazakhstan)  Varavin, E.V.  ,  Kozlova, M.V.   Ссылка
28 Obogashchenie Rud Establishing the effects of emissions by major enterprises on the atmospheric air condition in Zyryanovsk  Asanov, D.A. ,  Zapasnyi, V.V. ,  Ermekova, A.T. ,  Nabieva, A.A.  Ссылка
29 METAL 2018 - 27th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Conference Proceedings Structural-phase state and mechanical properties of 316L stainless steel products obtained by selective laser melting  Myakinin, A.,  Kimossov, R. ,  Turlybekuly, A.,  Erdybaeva, N.,  Plotnikov, S.,  Uazyrkhanova, G.,  Dogadkin, D.,  Zhanysov, S. Ссылка
30 News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences Application of systems approach to prognostication of ore fields in local auriferous nidalstructures (On the example of vera-char-baladzhalnidal structure in west-kalbinsk gold-bearing area of East Kazakhstan)  Orazbekova, G.B.      Ссылка
31 Przeglad Elektrotechniczny Software development for a new robotic technology of microplasma spraying of powder coatings  Alontseva, D. ,  Krasavin, A. ,  Nurekenov, D. ,  Ospanov, O. ,  Kusaiyn-Murat, A. ,  Zhanuzakov, Y.  Ссылка
32 PNRPU Mechanics Bulletin Applied grinding model of a solid particle with a simple shape on impact with a hard surface  Guryanov, G.A. ,  Abdeev, B.M. ,  Klimenko, Y.A.  Ссылка
33 News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences Study of the structure and properties of the metal of 10Cr17Ni8Si5Mn2Ti grade during cladding in a protective atmosphere  Gabdyssalyk, R.(a) ,  Lopukhov, Y.I.(b) ,  Dudkin, M.V.(a)  Ссылка
34 World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education A new style of architecture for Kazakhstan - Oitegi  Malibekuly, Z.(a),  Semenyuk, O.(a),  Sadykova, S.(a),  Dyisebayev, U.(a),  Amirkhanov, M.b Ссылка
35 News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences Finding allowable deformation of the road roller shell with variable curvature  Sakimov, M.A.(a) ,  Ozhikenova, A.K.(b) ,  Abdeyev, B.M.(a) ,  Dudkin, M.V.(a) ,  Ozhiken, A.K.(b) ,  Azamatkyzy, S.(a)  Ссылка
36 Chemical Engineering Transactions Experimental studies on wastewater sorption treatment with subsequent disposal of used sorbents  Daumova, G.K.(a),  Abdulina, S.A.(a) ,  Kokayeva, G.A.(b),  Adilkanova, M.A.(a)    Ссылка
37 Chemical Engineering Transactions Ash deposits CHP-as an additional source of raw material for construction production  Niyazbekova, R.K.(a),  Userbaev, M.T.(a),  Kokayeva, G.A.(a),  Shansharova, L.S.(a),  Konkanov, M.D.(a),  Abdulina, S.A.(b)     Ссылка
38 Przeglad Elektrotechniczny Development of technology of microplasma spraying for the application of biocompatible coatings in the manufacture of medical implants  Alontseva, D.(a)  ,  Borisov, Y.(b)  ,  Voinarovych, S.(b) ,  Kyslytsia, O.(b) ,  Kolesnikova, T.(a)  ,  Prokhorenkova, N.(a)  , Kadyroldina, A.(a)   Ссылка
39 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Reliability assessment of driving systems of city buses  Młyńczak, M.(a) ,  Muzdybayev, M.(b) ,  Muzdybayeva, A.(b) ,  Myrzabekova, D.(b)     Ссылка
40 METAL 2018 - 27th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Conference Proceedings Bio-functional composite coating of calcium apatite and ZnO on a printed porous orthopedic implant  Turlybekuly, A.(a) ,  Pogrebnjak, A.(b) ,  Plotnikov, S.(a),  Shaymardanov, Z.(a),  Shaymardanova, B.(a),  Yerdybayeva, N.(a),  Zhanyssov, S.(a),  Miakinin, A.(a),  Kimossov, R.(a),  Qantay, N.(c)  Ссылка
41  Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Model for the analysis and optimization of the efficiency and survivability of an enterprise based on optimal aggregation methodology  Borovska, T.M.(a),  Bevz, I.S.(a),  Kolesnyk, I.S.(a),  Severilov, V.A.(a),  Kobylianskyi, O.V.(a),  Gromaszek, K.(b),  Rakhmetullina, S.(c) Ссылка
42 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Two parameter active measuring probe for objects setting detection on CNC machines workspace Tymchyk, G.S.(a),  Skytsiouk, V.I.(a),  Klotchko, T.R.(a),  Zyska, T.(b),  Rakhmetullina, S.(c) Ссылка
43 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Distortion of geometric elements in the transition from the imaginary to the real coordinate system of technological equipment Tymchyk, G.S.(a),  Skytsiouk, V.I.(a),  Klotchko, T.R.(a),  Ławicki, T.(b) ,  Demsova, N.(c) Ссылка
44 News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences Design of the centrifugal-gyratory mill of mining production Askarov, E.S.(a),  Arinova, D.B.(a) ,  Popov, G.(b),  Cvetkov, K.(c),  Tastanbekova, A.A.(d)   Ссылка
45 Materials Physics and Mechanics Development of microplasma spraying technology for applying biocompatible coatings Alontseva, D.L.(a) ,  Borisov, Yu.S.(b),  Voinarovych, S.G.(b),  Kyslytsia, O.N.(b),  Prokhorenkova, N.V.(a),  Russakova, A.V.(a),  Krasavin, A.L.(a),  Bektasova, G.S.(c)   Ссылка
46 Ekoloji Studying the benefits of green workplace environment on health promotion in sympathoadrenal and Kallikrein-Kinin systems Dakieva, K.Z.(a) ,  Tusupova, Z.B.(b),  Zhautikova, S.B.(c),  Loseva, I.V.(c),  Dzhangozina, D.N.(c),  Beysembaeva, R.S.(a),  Idrisheva, Z.K.(a),  Zhamanbaeva, M.K.(d) Ссылка
47 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Analysis of computational processes of pyramidal and parallel-hierarchical processing of information Al-Maitah, M.(a),  Timchenko, L.I.(b),  Kokriatskaia, N.I.(b),  Nakonechna, S.(b),  Poplavskaia, A.A.(b),  Stepaniuk, D.S.(b),  Gromaszek, K.(c),  Rakhmetullina, S.(d) Ссылка
48 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering An intelligent system of neural networking recognition of multicolor spot images of laser beam profile Yarovyi, A.(a) ,  Ilchenko, R.(b),  Arseniuk, I.(a),  Shmet, Y.(a),  Kotyra, A.(c),  Smailova, S.(d) Ссылка
49 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Neural network modelling by rank configurations Bykov, M.M.(a),  Kovtun, V.V.(a),  Raimy, A.b,  Gromaszek, K.(c),  Smailova, S.(d) Ссылка
50 Acta Polytechnica Hungarica Development of the information and analytical system in the control of management of university scientific and educational activities Saule, K.(a) ,  Indira, U.(a) ,  Aleksander, B.(a) ,  Gulnaz, Z.(a) ,  Zhanl, M.(b),  Madina, I.(c),  Györök, G.(d)  Ссылка
51 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Methods and techniques for evaluating effectiveness of information technology implementation into business processes Kuzmina, E.(a) ,  Yaremko, S.(a),  Ignatovska, R.V.(b),  Sichko, T.V.(c),  Smolarz, A.(d),  Smailova, S.(e) Ссылка
52 News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences Experimental study of optimal parameters of pneumatic motor of vibration table for inertial vibroabrasive machining the parts on the basis of beryllium oxide Kurmangaliyev, T.B.(a) ,  Sherov, K.T.(b) ,  Sikhimbayev, M.R.(c) ,  Absadykov, B.N.(d) ,  Sikhimbayeva, D.R.(c) ,  Musaev, M.M.(b) ,  Mazdubai, A.V.(e) Ссылка
53 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Function-based interactive editing of decoration and material properties Vyatkin, S.I.(a),  Romanyuk, O.N.(b),  Al-Maitah, M.(c),  Romanyuk, O.V.(b),  Nykiforova, L.E.(d),  Sawicki, D.(e),  Demsova, N.(f) Ссылка
54 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering Analytical method for processing digital images of technical objects Manko, T.(a),  Gusarova, I.b,  Ogorenko, V.(c),  Derevianko, I.(d),  Lisachuk, G.(e),  Kryvobok, R.(e) ,  Lapuzina, C.D.S.(e),  Kotyra, A.(f),  Smailova, S.(g) Ссылка
55 Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya Fullerene derivatives influence production process, growth and resistance to oxidative stress in barley and wheat plants Panova, G.G.(a) ,  Kanash, E.V.(a) ,  Semenov, K.N.(b) ,  Charykov, N.A.(c) ,  Khomyakov, Yu.V.(a) ,  Anikina, L.M.(a) , Artem'eva, A.M.(d) ,  Kornyukhin, D.L.(d) ,  Vertebnyi, V.E.(a) ,  Sinyavina, N.G.(a) ,  Udalova, O.R.(a) ,  Kulenova, N.A.(e) ,  Blokhina, S.Yu.(a) Ссылка