Certification testing center

Employees of the center:

Head of CSR - Olga Rudenko, Associate Professor, PhD. Telephone number. 8-777-379-39-73

Head of Laboratory CSI - Sergey Vainberger. Telephone number. 8-705-238-91-37

Leading specialist - Shevlyakov Vladimir F., Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Contact phone: 8-701-472-95-71



The laboratory is located in the main building in the audience EKSTU D-L-107. Address: 070010, EKR, Ust-Kamenogorsk,. Serikbayev 19, Rm. G-L-107, SRC laboratory. Contact telephone number: 540-920 (fax).

Email: CSI_VKGTU@mail.ru


The main areas of work:

The main areas of work - certification, arbitration and periodic testing, quality control of construction materials, products and designs.

In 1986, the Ust-Kamenogorsk building and road institute was established by the testing laboratory building materials and construction, which was renamed in 1991 with the re-certification in the "Regional Testing Center" with the right to arbitration testing, and since 1996, with the accreditation called "Center Certification testing of the East Kazakhstan Technical University "(CSR EKSTU), which has at present.

SRC EKSTU as testing laboratory certified in 1987, 1988 and 1991 (attestation certificate № 228 dated 03.11.1988 and № 474 of 04.12.1991) as well as accredited with the registration in the State Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the GSS 1996, 2000, 2003 and 2007 (accreditation from 28.11.1996, the, from 29.089.2000 city, from 10.12.2003, from 02.05.2007 years, from 15.11.2015 years).

At present, the laboratory has international accreditation for compliance with ST RK 17025.

SRC EKSTU workers have the highest qualification in construction materials and structures, degrees and titles. Two specialists are certified CCA EKSTU expert auditor, according to which they are certified for the right to work on certification of building products and wood products.


Testing of concrete to the water

Concrete Test Specimens in the control cube strength of concrete



Test beams integrated design

Test of hollow core slabs overlap



Test pylon height of 16 meters

Drill out samples from the "body" of a massive structure for testing



Testing of metallic shell fragment with fragment with aperture of 18 m

Testing of metallic steelwork with aperture of 24 m