Department for Research and Development and Innovative Activity

The main task of the Department is to create conditions for the effective growth and use of the scientific, technical and innovative capabilities of the University, its scientific and research and production units for solving urgent problems of the development of science, education and production. East-Kazakhstan region and the country as a whole.

The solution of the problem assumes:

42 Creation and maintenance of the system of stimulating fundamental and applied research, which includes support for leading scientists, research teams and scientific and pedagogical schools capable of providing advanced levels of education and research.
3 Creation and maintenance of the production innovation system of the University, stimulating the formation of new high technology, high-tech industries that meet modern requirements and world standards, for the manufacture of science-intensive products and the development of small and medium-sized innovative entrepreneurship.

Creation of a system for coordinating the activities of subjects of scientific, technical and innovative activity and effective interaction of education, science and production.


Stimulation of interregional and international scientific, technical and innovative cooperation.

39 Ensuring the protection of intellectual property of the University.