Recruiting and employee development department

Main activities of the Recruiting and employee development department:

  • Registration of reception, transfer and dismissal of employees, preparation of documents for approval in positions in accordance with labor law, employees of the University of all categories (faculty, administrative and management, training and support staff) and all necessary personnel documentation .
  • Conducting documentation on the work of the commissions of the University:
    • сompetitive,
    • accreditation,
    • establishing the length of service of employees in the specialty;
  • Record keeping of the military reserve stock and persons of draft age
  • Carrying out of consultations of employees on preparation of necessary documents for assignment of pensions to employees of the University.
  • Development, improvement and organization of the personnel policy of the University.
  • Formation and development of the staff of the personnel reserve.
  • Creation and organization of personnel selection and adaptation system in accordance with the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the university.
  • Improving the organization of labor, improving the efficiency of working time.
  • Creating an enabling environment for realizing the potential of the University staff.
  • Improvement of the corporate culture of the university.