D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is a structural subdivision of EKSTU named after D.Serikbayev.

Highly qualified personnel, capable of creatively solving the tasks set, is the main resource of the university.

The purpose of the service is to provide the University with qualified personnel for the qualitative and timely solution of strategic goals and objectives in the field of education, science and innovation, the formation of a team of successful employees that provide competitive advantages and leadership of the university in engineering education.

It is important for us that all employees can realize their knowledge and skills and have the opportunity to develop their potential and take a direct part in the further development of the university.

Main activities of Human Resources Department:

  • Development, improvement and organization of the personnel policy of the University.
  • Formation and development of the staff of the personnel reserve.
  • Creation and organization of personnel selection and adaptation system in accordance with the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the university.
  • Improving the organization of labor, improving the efficiency of working time.
  • Creating an enabling environment for realizing the potential of the University staff.
  • Improvement of the corporate culture of the university.
  • Documentation of the University for Human Resources  
  • Registration of the reception, transfer and dismissal of employees in the  preparation of documents for approval in positions in accordance with labor law, employees of the University of all categories (faculty, administrative and management, training and support staff and all necessary documents of personnel records management.

In our activity we rely on the university traditions and modern methods, approaches in the field of management and development of human resources.