D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan state technical university

Management of Educational Work and Social Development

Management of Educational Work and Social Development is a structural subdivision of EKSTU. It carries out its activity according to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, according to Education Act and State Program of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020, according to Education Concept in the system of lifelong training in RK, university charter and other normative legal acts that regulate relations in the field higher education.

The goal of Management's activity is to form healthy social environment which is necessary for achievement of a young specialist personhood. He or she has high moral ethical norms, who can effectively interact in the society and realize their creativity.

In order to achieve the stated goal, the Management carry out its activities in collaboration with structural subdivisions, social organizations and students' self-administration of the university in the following directions:

  • developing active citizenship, arrangement of conditions for establishment of the common Kazakhstani youth identity and feeling of social responsibility; 
  • increasing university students cultural standards to correspond with the up-to-date engineering intellectual;
  • formation of healthy life-style, prevention of unsocial facts;
  • realization and protection of students' social rights in the course of training and during extracurricular time.

To achieve this goal and main directions of department's activity it is necessary to meet the following targets:

  • to form normative-systematic document database which is necessary for effective functioning of every structural subdivision of the Management;
  • forward and operational planning of educational-social work in accordance with urgent trends of socio-political and economic development of Kazakhstan;
  • providing consulting support for student government bodies of all levels through development of supervising;
  • youth legal and political culture raising on the base of the humanities;
  • realization of the program against drug addiction, alcoholism, and smoking among young people; contribution to turning the university social space into space free from smoking;
  • support in developing different forms of organization of students' leisure activities: youth socio-political organizations, club activities which contribute to increase of students' cultural and professional level;
  • assisting in carrying out of measures aimed to reveal youth creative potential;
  • assistance in development, implementation and distribution of innovative technologies in social and educational processes;
  • enforcement and protection of students' rights;
  • supervision over students' social protection, as well as material support of students from low-income families or those ones left without parents' care etc.;
  • providing students extensive participation in city, regional, republican and international projects and actions.